Sugden is a British company that has specialized in the production of high-quality audio equipment since 1967. The brand is known for its warm and clear sound quality, created through the use of high-quality components and traditional production methods.

Warm and clear sound quality

With Sugden, you are assured of premium quality audio equipment. The company is known for its warm and clear sound quality, created through the use of high-quality components and traditional manufacturing methods. Invest in the emotion and character of music with Sugden and experience the ultimate sound experience.

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Sugden’s products are designed to bring the emotion and character of music to life. The company offers a wide range of products, including amplifiers, tuners and turntables. All products are hand built in the UK.

Enter the world of Sugden Audio: high-quality audio equipment with ultimate musical performance

Sugden Audio takes you into the world of high-quality audio equipment dedicated entirely to the reproduction and playback of recorded music. The company has more than 40 years of experience in audio engineering and strives for ultimate satisfaction in musical performance. All products are designed and manufactured in West Yorkshire by loyal, dedicated and skilled staff who take pride in presenting their skills and the performance of their products.

Sugden Audio strives to reproduce music as true to the original performance as possible, regardless of genre. All nuances, harmonics and emotions are completely rendered, allowing the listener to enjoy and be part of an art form that has captivated civilizations for centuries. With products designed to reproduce music as faithfully as possible, Sugden Audio offers an unparalleled sound experience to audiophiles around the world.

Sugden Audio is a special company that develops a long-term relationship through the musical performance and longevity of its products. The company offers a wide range of products, including amplifiers and turntables. One of Sugden Audio’s most popular products is the A21 series, known for its warm and clear sound quality. With innovative technologies and high-quality materials, Sugden Audio offers an unparalleled sound experience to audiophiles around the world.

Step into the world of Sugden Audio and experience the ultimate in musical performance. Invest in high-quality audio equipment dedicated entirely to reproducing and playing recorded music. With Sugden Audio, you are assured a sound experience that captures all the nuances, harmonics and emotions of music, allowing you to enjoy and be part of an art form that has captivated civilizations for centuries.

The Sugden products in a row

Sugden Audio A21 Series integrated amplifier

The first commercial Sugden amplifier was the A21 in the mid-1960s. It is widely recognized as the first commercial, solid state, pure class A amplifier available to the enthusiast. It was a very special amplifier with a single-ended Class A output configuration and with current feedback. This concept was generally not incorporated into commercial audio amplifiers until more than a decade later. Being able to recreate a musical performance, in a progressive way, made Sugden’s name synonymous with musical achievement. The true potential of the output configuration was realized in the 1980s when it was coupled with modern components, reduced internal filtering and multi emitter solid state output devices.

Sugden Audio A21 SE integrated amplifier

The A21SE is a further extension of the musical performance available from the Sugden single ended Class A output circuits. Designed to offer more power, a larger compatibility speaker and greater sound range, it is not an upgraded A21 Series 2, but a definitive amplifier in its own right. The SE includes a pre-amp with high input impedance, high voltage gain, low noise, wide bandwidth, low distortion and low impedance to the Class A power stages. This pre-amp, coupled with a fifty percent weighted power supply, makes a very dynamic sound and develops a soundstage with pin point imaging and fine tonal balance. An amplifier of unforced spontaneity that will satisfy the most demanding enthusiast with simply more music … The A21SE is a line-input integrated amplifier, without an integrated phono stage. Sugden are pleased to offer optional phono stage.

Sugden Audio DAP-800 preamplifier

Using the same CD transport as the CD21, the SE version has been further improved by adopting a more refined analog output and further development in the regulated power supplies. This output stage ensures absolute compatibility along with the very special line amplifier A21SE for extremely low noise, high speed and low distortion.

Sugden Audio FBA-800 power amplifier

The Sugden Mystro series amplifier is the entry-level model to a world of just more music … An integrated amplifier with a phono stage and three line inputs, with a rated 50 watts per channel AB output stage, it includes many innovative audio circuits that are a distillation of Sugden’s current program for development. This is a wonderfully musical amplifier with a very special pre-amp stage. Low-level listening offers exceptional performance and can be compared to amplifiers of much higher budgets. The amp is fast and dynamic with tremendous tone burst potential and wide speaker tolerance. The performance will amaze and captivate listeners with its musical integrity.

Sugden Audio Masterclass IA-4 integrated amplifier

Meet the largest and most powerful integrated amplifier in the Sugden family that uses the original Sugden Class A output configuration. The powerful Pure class A solid state output stage is equipped with a custom-built transformer and a low impedance power supply. Thus, the amplifier can project a holographic sound image with simply more music … Extraordinary, organic reproduction with acoustic performance is achieved through the integration of a state of the art preamp and the classic Sugden class A output stage. The integrated system of pre- and power amplifier driven by individual power supplies for ultimate musical performance. Just listening – you find it worth more than a thousand words. In addition to the high power, Sugden also provided a very high-quality MM phono stage.

Sugden Audio Masterclass LA-4 preamplifier

The Sugden Masterclass LA-4 is a line-level stereo preamplifier with authority, finesse and the ability to develop a sound range with imaging, one-dimensional realism, and time/space elements in perfect harmony. The primary function of the unit is Simply more music … The LA-4 was developed to complement the Sugden Masterclass amplifier line. The amplifier heart has dual mono, DC-coupled, Class A, current feedback gain stages. Those gain stages are each powered by shunt power supplies that allow for the fastest transients and most powerful crescendo with true musical empathy. The LA-4 equipped with provisions for stereo pairs of balanced inputs, four single-ended RCA (cinch) inputs, a by-pass, input and output recording facility, two main pre-amp outputs and one balanced output.

Sugden Audio Masterclass SPA-4 / FPA-4 power amplifier

The stereo power amplifier SPA-4 and its big brother, the mono power amplifier MPA-4, are designed to create a holographic three-dimensional sound image, allowing the listener to look through and touch the musicians, so to speak. A huge reserve is available to develop a beautifully dynamic music image. Simply more music … The stereo power amplifier features facilities for asymmetrical (cinch / RCA) or balanced inputs, the latter using balanced input circuitry. The power amplifiers are built symmetrically. In the balanced mono amplifiers, the two power stages of the stereo power amplifier were connected bridged to form a mono amplifier. The mono amplifiers give double the power per channel, compared to the stereo amplifiers. A balanced configuration guarantees much lower noise levels, even greater dynamics and a rock-solid musical stage.

Sugden Audio Masterclass PA-4 phono amplifier

The full potential of the musical magic on vinyl discs can only be realized through the passionate treatment of the low-level signals coming from the disc and stylus. Class A circuits are known for their recovery from and synergy with low-level signals. Sugden is synonymous with Class A circuits. This combination is fully exploited in the, PA-4: a dual mono, two-stage, Class A Phono amplifier. The two stages are the moving coil preamplifier and the moving magnet, RIAA-correction amplifier. The moving coil stage is a Class A Current Feedback circuit and the moving magnet amplifier a Class A voltage feedback with RIAA correction in the negative feedback loop. Servo circuits allow direct coupling of the signal from the moving coil input to the output stage. Sugden believes that the power supply is an integral part of the amplifier. Therefore, a shunt design was employed, with a specially designed voltage regulator, to prevent the rising impedance with higher frequencies. This amplifier was built with parts of exceptional quality, hand-assembled, gold-plated circuit boards.The result is a performance with absolute transparency and naturalness. The user interfaces are all externally selected, that is, input selection 1x MM, 2x MC. There are two stereo outputs for a recording or line amplifier.

Sugden Audio Masterclass HA-4 headphone amplifier

Sugden audio is pleased to introduce their Masterclass Series separate headphone amplifier, the HA-4. This very special Class A amplifier is designed to extend the boundaries of “near field listening” to a level of musical performance that is truly amazing.

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