For more than 25 years, BEC is a solid and reliable player in the industrial supply of all types of permanent magnets. Especially in the field of NdFeB, we have created a name for ourselves with our own development ranks of TERRAMAG series.

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Our years of experience in the development of permanent magnets and the resulting technical and personnel connections have given us new ideas and possibilities in loudspeaker construction. The experience of more than 25 years of German engineering has been translated into a new speaker line that is unique in the world! BEC-Akustik follows this calling through its own market presence.

Unique sound experience

A sound is only as good as the worst component in the system! In order to raise the level of transmission quality when selecting suitable amplifiers, we have developed a series of technically and optically matched system components. The user now has new alternatives from the BEC-Akustik product portfolio.

BEC-Acoustic speaker

BEC-Akustik has used its 25 years of German engineering experience in the field of magnets to develop a new line of loudspeakers.

When combined with an active subwoofer, the AI-702 wideband speaker can reproduce frequencies above 160 Hz, the AI-1002 above 150 Hz, and the AI-1202 starts at 120 Hz. Therefore, BEC-Akustik recommends the use of a subwoofer with phase correction.

Incidentally, up to 20,000 Hz the wideband speaker is phase correct within its total frequency range because of the lack of crossover filters.

The drivers have a honeycomb diaphragm that evenly spans the
entire surface is driven by the placement of magnetic bars.
There are no frequency overlays within the speaker because it is a
broadband speaker is concerned. So no acoustic interference from
multiple drivers, units, and so on.

High field strengths generated by 2 efficient NdFeB rods in the
magnet system, close dimensional tolerances of all other components and the
Replacement of a conventional voice coil with multilayer laminated
membranes, offer advantages over classical cone

Slim line source speaker system

The slim shape of drivers and housing allows a beam angle of 160°. The sound image is always preserved, even if you are not in the sweet spot. Despite their slim dimensions, the speakers achieve a far range in speech and music intelligibility. This reduces the volume waste by half at equal distances and has a similar effect of a line array as in the ProAudio application.

These technical features provide an unobtrusive, almost invisible 2.1 stereo system and 5.1 / 7.1 surround system with crystal clear sound.
Integrated into a surround system, you can achieve all positions with these speakers. Dolby Atmos 3D sound is easily reproduced.
If desired, you can combine the AI-702, the AI-1002 and the AI-1202 with each other in the listening room because they work together flawlessly.

The number of units can be expanded as needed using a suitable amplifier. For example, AI-1002 is a speaker set consisting of 2 pieces of AI-100. This set can be used with any amplifier and subwoofer that already has a crossover filter built in.

BEC-Akustik slank lijnbron luidsprekersysteem voorkant
BEC-Akustik slank lijnbron luidsprekersysteem achterkant

BEC-Acoustic housing, placement and suspension system

Because of the simple design, you can integrate the speakers almost invisibly with the materials in the environment. Therefore, the version is available not only in glossy white and black, but also in special colors upon request. The housing material is aluminum. Permissible operating temperature: 0°- 80°C.

Included in the delivery is the metal wall mount    including stepless adjustment of the beam angle and mounting template.

Metal corner bracket (standard) and recessed frame available upon request, as well as base plates.

The set comes in retail packaging including AI-C3 crossover filter, High-quality speaker cable and plugs.

Price list on request

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