The room-friendly Steinway & Sons Model A loudspeaker

The Steinway & Sons Model A speaker offers all the acclaimed sound performance of a speaker design optimized for room-friendly placement against a wall. When the shape of the room or interior requires a more space-saving arrangement, the Model A is definitely the first choice for living rooms and media rooms to apartments, penthouses or yachts, in short for all rooms without space for separate woofers.

Proprietary Steinway & Sons design Air Motion Transformer tweeter

The proprietary Air Motion Transformer tweeter, dedicated midrange driver and the two large woofers offer excellent clarity, resolution and deep but defined bass. You take full advantage of the shallow sealed cabinet construction when placing the speakers (almost) against the wall.

With an ultra-thin, folded Kapton diaphragm sandwiched between extremely powerful neodymium magnets, the tweeter achieves completely clear, high resolution and distortion-free performance even during the loudest crescendos.

Excellent clarity and defined bass with wee large and powerful woofers

Steinway & Sons thus makes no compromises in speaker technology;

Two large 12-inch woofers at the front are unusual for a speaker of this size and are the basis for the Steinway & Sons Model A’s excellent bass performance.
Together, the two woofer cones form a very large sound-emitting surface that can reproduce deep bass even below 25 Hz. Large vented magnets with copper rings and four-layer voice coils provide low distortion, low compression and high power.

Despite the very shallow sealed cabinet design, the large diameter of the two woofers ensures powerful and dynamic bass reproduction.

Combined with RoomPerfect™, the result is a stunningly powerful, room-filling sound with fast and tight impulse response, suitable for any style of music, from purely acoustic recordings to dynamic sound effects and large orchestral pieces.

The quality of design and workmanship is of the highest level

The distinctive design with black piano lacquer finish, black strings and matte gold details resembles the famous Steinway & Sons grand pianos. Each speaker is assembled and finished by hand in Denmark.

The Steinway & Sons Model A speaker standard delivery is in matte black with high-gloss black side panels and with matte gold details. But you can also request a custom, special order; for example, with polished gold details and alternative lacquers, colors and finishes.

Integrated system for ideal amplifier compatibility

The Model A is designed with the Steinway & Sons A1 or A2 digital power amplifiers as an integral part of the system, with the Steinway & Sons stereo and surround processors performing the active crossover in the digital domain. In addition, the processor’s RoomPerfect™ technology, the Model A will adapt to the acoustics of the room and always ensure the best sound performance in any room.

The shallow cabinet allows for placement of the speakers against the wall, which together with RoomPerfect™ leads to a stunningly powerful, fast and tight bass response.

For technical specifications, continue reading on the SteinwayLyndorf product page


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