Room Correction in any acoustical environment

Wat is Room Correction

Room Correction breaks down the factors at play in room dynamics that affect how a listener experiences sound

For those seeking more information on the science of room correction, Lyngdorf Audio posted a new article called “What is Room Correction?”

Refined calibration with the advanced RoomPerfect™ technology

The article explains how we developed a patented technology, RoomPerfect™, to correct for this phenomenon and ensure perfect sound in any acoustical environment.

“All manufacturers of high-end audio products face the same problem: audio that is measured in the laboratory and tested by experienced listeners is far from what most future system owners will enjoy at home. This problem stems from the fact that speakers are developed in sonically-ideal listening rooms with optimized dimensions and acoustic treatments; even if manufacturers used a normal room, the result in an individual’s room will always be much different.”

Read more about RoomPerfect™ acoustic measuring techniques and an example of the frequency response before and after a calibration.